As the Sun Sets on English Bay 




The thrill and the threat of love 




Bruising of the heart’s soft flesh 


My true path 

The true vine 

Leads me to a different 


Kind of uncertainty 

The kind that fails to 

Tie down my wings


Unconditional freedom 

Hangs elusively 

Over English Bay 


Where my future severed spirit 

Feels whole 

And feels dangerously alive




God is Gracious, My Friend


God is gracious, my friend 

and I am persuaded  

You are the angel to prove it 

The lamb to embody it 


A lone voice among the choir 

A lone rose amidst the garden 

Your spirit grand and spacious 

Waving a merciful hand 


A spirit calming like water 

Bursting like fire 

Brimming with wonder 



In God’s nurturing, the child  

of a mime could be

A soprano most angelic 

A deluge of melody 


From this power, the daughter  

of the world’s worst gardener 

Could spring up and become 

The finest rose to admire





I had the strangest dream last night

we were making out

but we both had toothpaste in our mouths

bubbling up like sea foam everywhere

oddly sensual, repulsive to some

point is

we were together once more

like we'd never been before

and we'll never be again

unless another

minty sea foam dream

further proves love is

strange on land

and also undersea



I Live Above the Boiler Room 


I live above the boiler room 

The intermittent, mildly thunderous rumble 

Strangely soothes me


Fire in the belly of the building I live in 

Core of the heart of the skeletal structure within 


Reminds me to try not to forget 

To storm the gates of the docile 

The indifferent, the passive 


To embrace the recklessness 

Of this undernourished spirit 

The rambunctiousness 

Of this unsupervised wit 


And yes, to fuel the fire 

To take the road of Frost 

Less traveled by, the path that begs 

The legs to run, the head to spin, and the heart to race 


Rumi whispers, mischievously, from the embers: 

‘Run from what is comfortable, 

Live where you fear to live’ 

Thirteenth century wisdom lingers 


I live above the boiler room 

The warm wooden floor below me shivers 

Restless ghosts of future fervor 

Nestle into the boiler’s rhythm, and I am 



Ether Fields (for Elisa Lam) 


Through the ether fields 

Elevator aliens 

Cecil-haunted halls 

Ramirez-clouded lens

To the top she goes 

No witnesses, no pills 

Seeking water’s womb 

Spirits call her home 

Have you been drowning in this all along?


Truth Serum Green Tea 


Within a wordless, ferocious 

Exquisitely awkward 


In conversation 

The reckless and precise 

Embrace of their eyes 

Told a story yet unlived, vivid still 

In the veins and in the will 

And after hours of seemingly 


Chatter, and endless cups 

Of truth serum green tea 

She said she was drunk from  


But the day to live 

The moment to be